Good Work

Keep Your Small Business Under Control


Good Work helps small and medium size businesses stay organized and connected in every way possible: by keeping track of people, documents, and tasks, and providing a robust communication channel.


End the red tape hassle

Incident reports, Security checklists, Write-ups and more will now happen in the app.

Quick set-up

It will take you less than a minute to create a company and and import contacts you work with.

Teams and sub-teams

Create up to 3 levels of teams and appoint leaders. Each team will have its own chat.

Work chats done right

Send documents and assign tasks directly in company-wide, team-wide or direct 1-to-1 chats.

Forms and checklists

Forms and checklists that cover typical situations specific to your business. Create once, use always.

Deadlines and reminders

Sometimes people just forget what you asked them to do... But not any more with Good Work.